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The Story of Family Owned Peko Tea House

The story behind what makes family owned Peko Tea House special such as the certified organic & vegan ingredients and the cold brewing process.

Life is like a cup of tea, It’s all about how you make it.

Brewing Tea For a Change

Peko Tea House is proud to be Florida's first organic cold brew tea. We are even prouder to brew tea for a change, by donating proceeds to benefit local community charities and organizations. We take care to select superior grade & ethically grown organic tea leaves; and even greater care to support causes that make a difference. For every bottle sold, we donate a portion to a bighearted organizations such as Miami Animal Services or Community Foundation of Broward.

Brewing a Better Tea

Each Peko Tea House blend starts with loose leaf tea, sourced from fair trade dealers in the United States. The loose leaf tea is then steeped for 24-48 hours much like cold brewed coffee, hence the marker 'cold brew tea'. Cold brewing creates a smoother and antioxidant rich tea that is three times as refreshing as traditional iced tea. The teas are infused with lemon, herbs, spices, and/or fruits for added flavor. Several brews are lightly sweetened with cane sugar while a few are left perfectly unsweetened. All ingredients utilized are certified organic and certified vegan. 

Brewing a Stronger Connection

Peko Tea House was founded in South Florida by our cozy family and tight knit network of supportive friends. We began our journey together as family business in 2011 with 'The Raw Juice Company', and built upon our legacy with the creation of Peko Tea House in 2017. Every Peko Tea blend is hand mixed, bottled, and shipped or served by our family and friends. Every phone call received or email answered is by our family and friends. We believe in the value of small business in our local economies and the importance of creating lasting relationships with our customers and partners.